Basketball Systems and Strategies

In this volume of Practice To Beat The Best we focus on a collection of basketball systems. In this way you will be able to have a wide variety of offensive solutions for your teams, choose the system that best suits the characteristics of your team or modify them for your needs so you will be always ready to face your opponent.
Offensive Basketball System Book

The Basketball Fundamentals

After the success of the first book "PRACTICE TO BEAT THE BEST" we decided to make a new volume talking about the Basketball Fudamentals. The difference with the first book that it was a complete basketball manual it is that in this one we are going to give you a collection of drills just to improve the fundamentals of your players.

Practice to beat the best

Practice To Beat The Best the complete basketball manual for coaches and players! All the drills and systems are explained in detail with diagrams and descriptions. These manuals also includes practice plans ready for your teams and it is a great source of basketball quotes. In the introductory part you will find advices on how to plan the basketball season.

What Will You Get From This Book?

This books are a perfect support for basketball coaches at any level and ages. Our main manual PRACTICE TO BEAT THE BEST is a complete manual that can help you in any aspect of the teaching and of the planning, following that one we have a selections of specifics books about subjects.

What's Included

  • Drills.
  • Systems.
  • Tips.
  • Planning.
  • Practice plans.
  • Ideas.
  • Quotes.
  • Inbounds.

Who This Book Is For

Professional coaches and young coaches found it very useful in their daily job on the court and we had also a great answer from players that use our works for their individual practices to improve their skills.

Head Coaches

Get new ideas to plan your season, practices and games.

Assistant Coaches

Stay updated with the advices of our books to be always prepared in your job.


Use our books to improve your skills and to have always new drills for your individual workouts.

Book Reviews

See what our readers are saying.
"A coach's Practice Organization is the first step to having a team that is organized so they can play well as a unit."
Del Harris
"Excellent Book! This book does a wonderful job of using different methods of learning to make key points."
Dan Hughes
"...Gotta keep growing and sharpening your skills..."
Josh Powell
"Practice, practice and practice... a lot! And when you feel tired, practice a little more, because it's this extra step that will help your career go further."
Oscar Schmidt
"Those drills made my career easier and longer. The numeros variety of skill works present in this collevtion helped me to grow my game, to play in different positions on the court and to be adaptable in many leagues. I am so grateful."
Florencia Palacios

About The Author

Antonio d'Albero is an Italian professional basketball coach with a long international experience on the court, in his career he coached for men and women's teams in different countries around the world. He used to coach for clubs and national teams from the Seniors top divisions to the youth sectors in Italy, Denmark, Usa, Luxembourg, Sweden, Iceland, Aruba, Macedonia national team, Jamaica national team, Aruba national team, pre WNBA draft combine in USA, Men and Women overseas basketball combine in USA during the NBA Summer League.

Coach d'Albero as lecturer helded many clinics and camps around the globe for coaches and players, in Japan in Narawa for his own clinic/camp, in Puerto Rico, in the United States of America at the Philadelfia Sixers camp, in Italy, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and many others plus various presences as scouting for tournaments in Germany, France, Argentina, Spain, etc.

The Coach hold the FIBA Coaching License, the USA GOLD coaching license, The FIBA Americas coaching license, The FIP Italian highest coaching license, The Italian minibasket coaching license, The Italian CONI athletic personal trainer.